Sunday, April 6, 2014

Got The Whole Earth Shakin-March 31st

GREEEETINGS! This week was really good :) We had one last sick day on Tuesday and then we were out and about for the rest of the week! FELT AMAZING!

First of all, yes the earthquake was felt in my area again. It was kinda funny actually... We had just gotten home and I was in the middle of saying our companion prayer and we felt the shaking start. VERY vaguely this time! Rebecca told us she felt like she was really dizzy and that's the best description for it! So Sister Moore and I both opened our eyes to see our balcony blinds just swaying, and stared at each other for a couple of seconds. "Yep. This is an earthquake!" We forgot the Amen and put on our shoes. I grabbed my camera.... Crazy how the signs of the times are becoming more and more prominent! "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear..." Me art not as prepared as I should be but ALMOST! So not so fearful :)

This week has been crazy for our Sisters! Last Monday, one Sister got hit by a car, yesterday we left church early to help another at InstaCare, and had a car full driving to and from Santa Clarita a few times yesterday for meetings with President. I LOVE getting to spend time with the Sisters!! I have learned way more than I thought I would. I'm grateful for each of their decisions to be out here and for how much they have taught me. I am really striving to truly understand charity as well. Before I left I thought "Oh yeah I get along with people. Charity? check." NOT EVEN CLOSE! I'm grateful the Lord continues to humble me on a weekly basis...

Yesterday being fast Sunday in our ward, Rebecca bore her testimony again. As exciting as it was to see her be baptized and enter into that ordinance, hearing her bear her testimony is probably even better!!! To see that she truly has changed her life and is being so blessed for it and now helping her family to see the same happiness in their life...there are no words! I cry every time haha No shocker... I'm excited for her to get to experience her first conference this week and continue to learn and grow even more. I love her so much! She hasn't missed a week at the temple since she's been baptized.

Nothing is better than the plan of happiness. With transfer calls coming again on Saturday, I'm really trying to keep in mind how much the Lord is aware of not only what I want, but also what I NEED! I love this valley. I love the ward! I'm so so grateful for the friendships and the examples they are to me! I feel blessed beyond belief to be where I am right now. I know the Lord is aware of all my struggles and fears and is continuing to help me stay aware of my weaknesses ;) So we're working on those as well... Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEEK! And Happy Cesear Chavez day? (No idea what it is but it's a thing out here...) LOVE YOU!

"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." -1 Nephi 21:16

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

God Is With You All The Way

March 24th
Greetings from my favorite ghetto!

This week was not at all what we had planned! Kinda a rough week but the Lord sent me many tender mercies!! We met a guy who was so excited I'm from Utah and come to find out, he grew up in Emery County. I pretended like I'd never heard of it before and he said "Yeah most people haven't." Then I told him I was actually born in Price. Go figure that even out here Carbon and Emery can still manage to run into each other... He showed us a few pictures from his last trip home going to Moab and Nine Mile Canyon. I forgot for a second how beautiful Utah is!!!

There was some health stuff that came up this week and Thursday I was in bed almost all day. That night, I woke up for a minute and for the first time in 7 months....IT WAS TOTALLY SILENT! As much as I've grown to love the city sounds, it was amazing and so comforting to have that moment of silence. Our fridge was quiet, no cars were on our busy busy street, no sirens were going, no dogs or neighbors going crazy ...NOTHING! I said a quick prayer of gratitude and was grateful the Lord had me in His thoughts for sure.

I was also reminded just how grateful I am for the priesthood and for the men who stay worthy of it. Tuesday stuff came up, Wednesday I freaked out most of the day, Thursday I woke up worse and asked the zone leaders for a blessing. I love that with every blessing I've been given I instantly feel better from when they say my name. The burden is lifted immediately. After the blessing I had a Brad Paisley Christmas song in my head that says "You have nothing to fear because you know, God is with you all the way" As comforting as the words of the blessing were, it was even more comforting to know that the blessings and promises behind them were real and lasting!

Yesterday we were able to get out to go to a baptism. Holly played the piano and I lead the music. Faced that fear... We were sitting down right before the actual baptism and she leaned over and said "THIS IS TORTURE!" I'm so excited for her! When we set her date back on December 10th it felt like it would never come and now it's just two weeks away. Everytime I see her and Rebecca I'm reminded of how real this work is. Rebecca has changed so much!!! I love seeing how happy she is. We read with her this week and it was fun to see her working through the Isaiah chapters and sticking with it even though it's hard.

I'm glad the Lord reminded me again just how much I love the priesthood :) I remember when I was at Dixie and asked Brett for a blessing at 2am, it was the first time I've seen what it meant to have priesthood in our home vs. having to ask others. And I think I'd forgotten how important that is to me! I'm glad the Lord shows that He's still got me even in the difficult weeks. And I'm grateful this week IS going to be better but this past one was good too :) LOVE YOU ALL!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

Aaaand Shirley Temple had a house in my area! My skirts haven't gotten tighter, the wind has gotten fiercer

PS...horses also showed up in the middle of CSUN campus this week! Turns out "My Little Pony" is real...