Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sep 7th, Change of Plans

HELLO! They gave us quick time to email today since we leave Monday. Our flights got changed! I don't have any numbers or time but we are now leaving the MTC at 6:00 and still flying into Burbank so I guess you'll just have to check flights and see which one we might be on. I will still try and call anytime after 7. No idea if I'll have time to email that day/night at all but we're on our way!!! I am SO excited!

We went to our devotional Tuesday night and we found out some interesting facts I thought I'd share:
Missionaries on October 6, 2012: 28,500
Missionaries as of last week: Over 76,000
Missionaries by Fall (including TANNER MAN!): 86,000
58 new missions have been created since the age change
Devotional was so cool! It was this building experience of being part of this huge "army." Literally when we were all out walking and crossing the streets.... It's so fun to think of being a part of something like this!

 In the picture is our whole District so we're all going to San Fernando even though it doesn't look like it. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! We've gotten super close and it's sad to think we're leaving already but at least we're all in the same mission. And yes it was unintentional match with your companion day for the sisters....

We were up on Main Campus Thursday for in field orientation. I kept my eyes peeled ALLL day for Sister Unga and finally found her right as we were leaving!!!! She saw me first and came running across the crosswalk. I love her! So glad I got to see her and have time to talk for awhile.

The moment where we'd been companions for exactly one week. I am so grateful for Sister Humpherys! We have had SO much fun and super spiritual experiences. The Lord knew I needed to start off with a good one.

My companion Sister Humpherys and I with our Zone Leaders Elder Cooper and Elder Law. They are awesome! Elder Cooper gets pretty emotional and Elder Law does NOT do well with chaos or "winging it" jajaja

Celebrating my one week in the MTC (to the exact minute) by going to help host the other new missionaries who had just shuttled down to MTC-West.
This is Elder Carrol. He just left for Las Vegas. I had a huge grudge with this kid my first 2 days in here cause I thought he was obnoxious and rude to some Elders playing volleyball at gym. I knew I'd had a change of heart and me in general when I PRAYED to let it go and we actually became good friends while he was here.

I LOVE this kid! Krys Gardner is teaching at the MTC Main so this is the first time it was actually really hard to shake hands with a male.

Thank you to Jax man and everyone else for the treats :) :)

This Elder is 7"3 and going to Ventura California
God is goooooood. Good luck at your farewell tomorrow Tanner man! I am so proud of you and wish more than anything I could be there.I'm excited we get to be doing this at the same time though. It's awesome! I will definitely be thinking of you! You're gonna tear it up!  Love you all!
With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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