Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad-Dec 16th

Hey! Hope this week was great for everybody :) This week was nuts down here! Still safe ;) No worries mom!

We had a lot happen this week! We had two different exchanges and I am EXHAUSTED! I'd heard when you're "running" them that it really takes it out of you and we did them back to back. Sister Kemp and I got back together Saturday night and we were in bed by 9:37 haha right after we finished planning. I do not understand how I survived on such little sleep at home. It mystifies me I ever went on three or four hours. We couldn't possibly sleep any less as missionaries and survive, yet there still never seems to be enough time to get everything done we need/want to. It's nuts!

Tuesday we had a zone conference with all the english speaking missionaries and we met with our investigator Holly that night...AND SHE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE! So excited for her! She's adorable. We're going to the temple with her and another investigator named Brian in like 30 minutes so not much time today. I love and miss you all and CAN NOT wait to get to skype at Christmas!!! Everybody's Christmas cards are hanging up on our fridge, I love them! Sister Kemp was laughing when I got my quilt with it wrapped in the twine, and then when she saw the "GOT TRUCKS" picture she started laughing and goes "Sooo did you grow up on a legit farm?!" hahaha You'll get to meet her on Christmas when we skype. Woop woop! LOVE YOU ALLLL!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen
 REUNITED at a zone conference this week
My first exchange was with Sister Williams. It went super well and super fast!! This is when we took pictures for our goals right before we switched back.
Sister Redner made my day to say the least :)
Taylor Swift's birthday was this week. Sister Kemp is obsessed with her so we "celebrated" with wearing red lipstick during breakfast/studies

Peace robot man on our way to the ocean today

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