Monday, June 23, 2014

Photoshoots before Transfer

Em Rod, Laila, Allie, Melinda and the Sisters

​Matt and his mom. They are AMAZING at feeding us and I seriously almost pee laughing every time we're there!
​JACKIE! She doesn't live in our area but her fiancé does she comes to our ward every week with him. And almost EVERY single week, she brings a huge bag of food for us since she can't actually feed us at her house.

​Pamelas mom and brother: Peter and Juanita. Peter is soooo a Tanner boy! He is precious! He is 14 and super smart. One day when we came over he was like "You guys want to see my grades?! They just came today!" He was so pumped to show up all As. His mom calls herself Hermana Juanita :) Peter explained to her that I'm leaving and she kept hugging and thanking me calling me "My sista! my Sista!" I hope one day they as well will investigate and get baptized.

​Em Ram! One of the classiest and funniest girls

Tim and Emily. They are getting married June 20th :) LOVE THEM!

​Heart attacking with Rebeca and Em Rod. We totally got caught!

Gilbert! We have accidentally matched each other MANY times...
SYD DAWG! She's moving to Arizong so we had to go tell her bye before church

​Dinner with McKenzie and Holly. If you look on the left, you can see this big streak of white wax... Kenzie's house smelled really good and there was a candle sitting on the table. It looked solid! So I picked it up to smell it and it had barely set up so this warm candle wax came FLYING at me! It was all down the front of me, down my shirt, on my skirt and a llll over the table. Oops! We couldn't stop laughing, Scared me SO bad!

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