Monday, June 23, 2014

Te Quiero Mucho

June 16th--

This week was pretty crazy! Nothing went according to plan..which is actually pretty normal for missionary life so maybe it was the plan?

One thing that was amazing this week is a girl we just started teaching. She's dating a member in our ward and we met her my second night here at our ward softball game. She went to youth conference with them this week and had such an AMAZING experience! It was SOOOO cool! We had planned on watching the Restoration DVD with her but when we got there, they told us about testimony meeting of Youth Conference. She knows the Church is true!!! She had such a spiritual experience and was actually really blown away by it cause she didn't expect to actually feel anything. We talked again last night and she said she's starting to realize there's nothing really holding her back from being baptized :)

The coolest part was Saturday they did a "LIFE" game at the church. They had to go get educations, get married, start having kids etc. The whole time though in the gym, they just had a bunch of fun free stuff set up; as distractions. They only had 2 hours to accomplish all that they could. Spencer and Lindsay went and started everything right away and even did a "temple marriage". She was telling us that night how even just the make shift temple there at the stake center felt different from all of the rooms. Everyone was more calm and peaceful and happy. Right after they got married, they left and the "fate bell" went off where they had to open one of three fate cards they'd been given. Both of them got a child in theirs. So then they were walking around carrying 2 big dolls and this man walked up to them and said "Lindsay come with me. You just died."

It was powerful to hear her talk about that! Even in this makeshift game she said she suddenly felt panicked because it felt SO real. She was telling him "No! We just got married and had two kids. I don't want to leave them yet!" Then something came back to her from the "temple" when he talked about how they could now be together even after death. :) And she felt calm. She talked about it just being a game but how she felt the truth of that.

I am SO grateful for the temple! I know that we truly feel more peace there than anywhere else and are able to overcome the world and our struggles when we make the time to go there. I believe we truly will be together forever through the temples and the power of the priesthood. I just feel it and I know it. And I know that making it to the temple is worth anything that we have to sacrifice or go through!

Hope you all have an amazing week! We're meeting with the cutest little families! They make me even more grateful for mine for sure. Summer has been a little bit difficult seeing everybody out swimming and playing and bbq-ing...but there is no where else I'd rather be right now. Not even at a concert ;) I'm thankful for this time to help other people's families have the same peace and knowledge that I have and getting THEM to be together forever; cause a good 50 years just isn't enough. LOVE YOU WHOLE HEAPS!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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