Monday, October 21, 2013

Goooooooooin' to the Temple-Oct 17th

 HELLO! So today ended up being my preparation day and Monday we did regular work. I just got back from LA! Turns out we do indeed get to go to the temple the month of our birthdays if a member goes. Sunday night, a member text us saying she wanted to go. YAY! To be honest I had partially forgotten about that so I'm glad she said something or else I may have missed it...

Even better, is we are allowed to go down to the grounds/visitor center once a transfer if we have an investigator who wants to go. So last night I was also in LA :) :) It was awesome!! Last night made me so excited to be getting to turn around and come back this morning. We have a bunch of missionaries going home this transfer and today was also their "departing" temple trip with President Hall. Soooo it was a session full of missionaries! Very cool!

When we were in the Celestial Room after, I remebered Elder Geary talking in the MTC. He told us about how he wanted to be a Marine to stand with the very best. He said only after entering the MTC did he realize THAT'S where the very best are! Sitting in the Celestial Room I just started crying! (I do a lot of that as a missionary haha) It was cool to watch alllll of these Elders hugging each other (we were literally the only sisters in there) and so close to going home. Watching them and being in that room was being WITH the best, IN the best! It was pretttty neat.

NOT so neat? I had to rent one of those envelopes for the session right? Yeah they still have the old school veils. Which a. I couldn't figure out b. was old and stretched out so the elastic on top was no good! How many sisters does it take to help Sister Olsen get her veil on? That would be five. FIVE! And of course today is the first thing we have been on time to in our companionship so we were in the very front!! So of the five, the representative "wife" and the ordinance worker were included. And I'm of course 2 feet taller than all of them as they're struggling trying to help me haha it took EVERYTHING I had in me not to bust out laughing cause we were seriously standing there for a good six or seven minutes after everybody else had sat down. It was ridiculous! That's a moment I'll re-play in heaven....

I'll email again on Monday. Transfers are Tuesday! That is NUTS! I can't believe I have already been here for my whole first transfer!!! GAHHH! I started laughing when I was praying the other night....Things with the companion have been better but it is ROUGH! I know it's not up to me but I started laughing cause I realized I didn't know if I should keep praying for things to get better cause then the Lord will keep us together another transfer! Or be grateful for salvaging this last week, be grateful and let it go.

Really though, things have been SO much better! The other night she was in my journal. I was ready to totally blow! What is it with people reading my freakin journal?! I prayed that night like I have never prayed before!!! And amazingly enough I woke up the next morning and had not total peace with her, but a good 85%! Elder Kopiske of the seventy was in our mission last week!! AMAAZING! He talked allll about the Atonement. He said "On a mission you can pray for a divorce, or a transfer. But in real life you can not!" The Lord incredibly humbled me though! I was determined not to pray for patience my whole mission....yeah that didn't happen. He broke me down last week haha

Until Monday, LOVE YOU ALLLLL!
With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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