Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Look At This Photograph....

"Packing/weighing bags" our last night in MTC
aka: empty laundry mat
Just touched down in Burbank town!
MTC District: McCaulley, Barnett, Nielson, Lewis, Me, Humpherys, Redner

Found my head massager on the plane

Sister Bernson especially! Don't mind my 7 chins, I was laughing pretty hard. She said I was like her "MTC mom" and she started crying telling me bye. She was adorable.

The last day Brother Fegan taught us he brought me a Mt. Dew. This picture can't do justice how excited and happy I was!

These sisters are one of the districts I was over at the MTC. I LOVED them! They are all going to Tallahasee tomorrow.

First night in California. You know it's a good sign when...(companion in duck dynasty shirt and both like Jason Aldean)

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