Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Miracles Happen September 23rd

I don't have much time today because we went hiking with members and have a zone activity...

But we have seen so so many miracles this week!! Even down to the little things. I love being able to watch the change that has happened in some of these people in only two weeks. I am still a very firm believer that sometimes people just need someone to believe in them to give them the power to change themselves.

Yesterday was a little bit of a draining day. Speaking of course didn't go according to plan and I once again changed my topic right before I went up to the podium. I told a tiny bit about how I had a mission call before and just bawled. GAH I HATE that! But I felt really strongly it's what I needed to say so oh well.

Remember that guy whose wife died from an aneurysm? Troy Norton. He wasn't at church yesterday and we text him to see how things were. Yesterday/today are the one year anniversary from her dieing :( We changed our plans some and went to see him last night.

I felt so dumb but I seriously could not stop crying!!! He lives with his mom now and all four of just sat there bawling haha I'm sure we looked a little ridiculous. He opened up and told us the whole story about how they were out of town visiting Troy's sister, he woke up around 11 and she was jolting around in the bed, all contorted and gasping for breath. He went into almost a tunnel vision and I felt so bad for him cause he looked like he was re-living it again. He said he jumped up and turned on the light and he saw her eyes couldn't fully open or close. He said he felt like he was living a scary movie with an exorcism.

He ran upstairs and grabbed his sister and brother in law. His sister said she'd call 911, turned around and passed out (hahaha would have been Taylor...) but his brother in law helped Troy carry her in the blanket out to the car and they drove the 2 streets over to U of U hospital. He said they worked on her there for a little while then they life flighted her to a top neuro surgeon but they couldn't do anything for her.

She was only 21 and it was like a crazy freak accident. His mom said "I'll never forget Trish calling me at midnight and saying 'Mom somethings wrong with Tyler! Like really really wrong." They started driving up to Utah right away but got there after the fact.

Troy is AMAZING! He is so put together and calm about the whole thing. I was shocked. I would have been crumbled in bed I'm pretty sure but he said he's glad they could harvest alllll of her other organs to help others. He's gotten letters from almost all of the recipients or their families telling him thanks but he can't read any of them yet. He had hardly even cried but then he got supppper emotional.

I guess her dad gave them a really hard time about getting married in the temple because he wouldn't be able to walk her down the aisle. He threw a huge fit. One week before, Troy and Tyler sat down and decided if it was really worth it. That's when he started crying and he said "I can't even say how happy I am that we went through with it. He still pretty much ruined our wedding day and made her cry but knowing that we're sealed is so worth it."

These people are so great! I love getting to know them and hearing all these things. Missionary work is work for sure but I love it! It's been a lot of fun too. Until next week...

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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