Monday, February 10, 2014

Endless Rejoicing in the Land

 February 3rd---
Hooooooola! Words can not even express how happy I am this week! Week of miracles for sure :) I can't believe that this week I have been gone for five months already! It's FLYING by!

First of all, Bryan Kelly finally set a baptismal date!!! FEBRUARY 23rd!

Bryan is such a great person! He's been prepared for such a long time and although Sister Kemp and I have felt that he's ready to be baptized, he didn't. So we've been playing the waiting game for a bit. We went over for lunch ^^ this day (he opens the garage day and we sit there in camp chairs since there's not a girl in the house haha) and to read where Christ comes to America. After eating he said "What are we gonna talk about today? The elephant in the room?" And kinda started laughing. Long story short (Tanner...) he ended up picking the 23rd. He said he just had to wait for something to click in him. And the good news is, that's close enough to when I go home next year that I'll be able to go to the temple with them when they get sealed :) :) I had that program in my bag from a baptism we watched and he took that and put his information on it and sent a picture to Kristy to tell her he finally decided to move forward. SO EXCITED FOR THEM!

Rebecca Munoz also set a baptismal date this week!...for FEBRUARY 9th! Which, yes, is next Sunday! So this week is gonna be fun :) She was one who went with our ward to Gilbert this weekend. We met with her Thursday to see if she had any questions before, and at the end we asked where she is with baptism. We've asked before and she said she has commitment problems. She said "I'm not ready yet but I'm open to it now!" We were pumped!! They left Friday morning and Friday night we get a text that says "I've been thinking about it, I think I'm ready!" WHAAAAT?!?! We played it (kinda) cool and set up to meet with her Saturday night when they got home.

When we got to her house, her little sister Sophia was SO excited to show us the pictures of the temple that Rebecca took!  We talked about it for a while and then said "So we also wanted to talk to you about that text you sent us..." She told us as they were driving she was thinking about it and thought there really is nothing to hold her back. She text us and she was at about 80% at that point. We told her to go to the temple with a question and she did. "As we were going through, I had the question in my mind like you told me! They were kinda rushing us. So I muttered a quick prayer just in my head. When we got into the celestial room I had this moment of complete clarity and I just started crying! I knew 100% this is what I want and what I need."

I have never seen the whole "light in the eye" as much as I did with Rebecca on Saturday night!! She was glowing. I am so excited for her to take this step and to be able to work on going back to the Celestial Room again. Testimony meeting was alllll about the temple and how strong the spirit was and EVERYONES desire to do what they need to to get back there. Super powerful. This week I was showing a Sister some of the things I'd learned from Jacob 5 and this time verse 66 stood out to me where it says: "...until the good shall overcome the bad..." Not "if" not "hopefully" but UNTIL. I know that good will win in the end, good will ALWAYS win in the end! I am so excited and grateful for Bryan and Rebecca taking these steps and the ways that it's gonna do nothing but continue to bless their lives.

We are indeed in the drought on the news. Remember the start of "Cinderella Story"? That's my valley!!!! And that earthquake she talks about was 20 years ago 2 weeks ago. Right through Northridge and we are still in a drought. We fasted for rain yesterday though and last night we did indeed get water falling!!! About 1/2 an inch but that's a big deal here. I know that the Lord doesn't always answer our prayers quite that quickly or directly but I know that He does indeed answer them. And in the best way for us! And for that, I am grateful! LOVE YOU ALL!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

A little under the weather

It dropped to 59 degrees last night when it rained! Yep...I'm pathetic!!! haha I WAS FREEEEEZING

Sister Kemps super cute skirt I wore for today :)

Welp...peace out! love you!

Bryan Kelly finally set a baptismal date!!! FEBRUARY 23rd!

MTC District (minus 2 and plus the assistants) at Zone Conference this week! Love them! I was still a little sick and we'd just sat for 9 hours so no judging...

Elder Wright had told us "I can't believe they gave you a white cruze! We were supposed to be the only ones with that!" We joked that they're the Assistants but we're the AsSISTERS! We got ready to open 2 new apartments this week! We have 14 new missionaries coming in at the end of the month....THIRTEEN of them are SISTERS! :)

Rebecca :) she came and watched a baptism with us last Saturday. She's a gem :)

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