Sunday, February 23, 2014

Perfect Love Casteth Out All Fear

February 17th--
Okay first of all, my bad on the email from last week! I meant verse 33 haha I like that part where it talks about having his arms reached out towards us!

HELLLLLLO! Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day! Ours started off pretty funny with this guy texting us that him and his friend "were looking for two lovely ladies to take to dinner tonight and possibly a movie. Would u be interested? We could talk all about the wonderful world of mormonism" We got a good laugh out of it!

Yesterday at the start of church was crazy. Rebecca came in to sacrament but we couldn't find the guy who was supposed to confirm her anywhere! We had seen him pull in like 15 minutes before so we text him, NOTHING. We literally ran out to the parking lot to try and find him while Bishop stalled with announcements, NOTHING. We call him, NOTHING. We walk back in thinking somebody else will have to confirm her and he's finally standing in the hall. Walked in and went straight up to do it.

She has never looked so happy!!! She was glowing in Relief Society. I love getting to be a part of this. I love that Heavenly Father lets us see and experience so many miracles every day. She text us last night that Bishop already got her a temple recommend and she's gonna go on Thursday. It was amazing to get to see her go through the whole process from "I don't know why I let you in" to "I GOT MY TEMPLE RECCOMED!!!" So happy for her :)

This week was...special haha this was definitely my not so favorite week. Saturday night I finally realized I needed some help and text the zone leaders to come and give me a blessing. Elder Kottcamp and Elder Hansen are awesome! (They know I love Mt. Dew so they bring one for both of us almost every time we see them) Elder Hansen performed it and it was again such a reassurance that blessings definitely come from God! The things he talked about and counciled me with were things that he could not have known about. The very first thing he said though, he talked about the support of my family; blessing me to be able to better feel the prayers and fasts of my family. I thought back to Ashlee telling me last week about Jax and Kez praying for us every time they pray. I am so so grateful for all the support and love I've always gotten. This would not be possible without that!

Even as crazy as this week was, there still is no other place I'd rather be. I loved the end of Tanner mans email last week! I feel the same way. I love that Heavenly Father knows what we need even when we don't and that we're guided to the right things that are going to be best for us. I can't even express how grateful I am to be out here and for all the things I've learned and experienced. Life is great and Heavenly Father is amazing! Hope you all have a wonderful week! How is February already almost over?!  LOVE YOU ALL!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

A little cutting and glueing with an old New Era haha
They have Book of Mormons is 85/100 languages at the visitors center. I have one that is sometimes used in Peru (Tanner man), Holly got Norwegian (where her family is from) and Sister Kemp did Japanese (her brother is there on his mission)

We got to go to the Visitors' Center with Holly this week :) I just love her!
CAFE RIO FINALLY OPENED IN SANTA CLARITA!!! We had to take some Sisters to the office and four hours later we were still sitting there and needed lunch/dinner. Thought we'd take advantage of being up there and grab Rio. We arrived there at 5:19 only to see that since it's so brand new they're only open from 10-5 right now! BOOOOOO! Missed it by that much...
The prettiest graffiti I ever did find! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

GOD BLESS MURICA! We helped Bryan clean his garage while we did laundry last week

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