Monday, February 10, 2014

Maybe You Aren't Here For Yourself

January 13th--
HOLLA! I can't believe it's another week gone by. We had one guy commit to baptism...just have to set a date (YAY!), two trips up to Santa Clarita, three exchanges and four Sisters getting transferred tomorrow! We are NOT one of them! Sister Kemp and I will be staying together another transfer which means she will officially be the companion I have had the longest so far. Today we are going out contacting with the new missionaries! SO excited :) It'll be fun!

This week was nuts! Yesterday, we had President Martz from the LA Temple Presidency come speak to us. He did an amazing job! Turned out he is also a convert to the church. We had our investigator Bryan sitting right in front of us with his girlfriend Kirsty. We've been working with him since I've been here and last time we asked him about baptism he said he didn't feel quite ready yet, but he felt close. When President Martz talked a little bit about his own sealing, it was this really powerful moment for myself where I knew that some day Bryan and Kirsty would be at that point! They are totally going to make it to the temple. Last night we had dinner with them and we talked about what he thought of sacrament. By the end of the lesson, we bore our testimonies that we knew he was ready and that there shouldn't be anything to hold him back from progressing. We asked him to pray about getting baptized either the end of January or the first of February. And he said YES! I felt like I was floating on air last night! So dang excited for them. So it's totally happening, it's just a matter of when.

We also had a crazy man YELL at us on the street corner this week about how we're less than men and should be ashamed to be Mormons. I was in total shock! I've never had that happen before and he was sooo rude!! I was pretty ticked at first but the more I thought about it that night I think those are the moments that are really hard for Heavenly Father to sit back and have to watch. I WILL find that man in Heaven and I WILL get an apolagy!

Sorry not much time today but things are MUY BIEN here in California :) Hopefully you all have a great week this upcoming week. We have a Sister who is being sent home early this week..It's been tough! Definitley not a fun thing to be involved in and my heart goes out to her but it's been a constant reminder that He knows the bigger picture and knows how things will play out long before we do. It's made me think about a scripture in 1 Nephi 21:14-16 that I really love. It talks about how we are graven upon the palms of His hands. I never thought about it much before the mission that in a totally perfect and resurrected body, He left to leave those scars in His hands. Whenever I see somebody with their arm all tore up and ask what happened, 90% of them will start the story with "I was with my brother boating and..." "I was in Moab with my friends..." they always start the story with who they're with! I think if we were to see Him now and ask what happened to His hands he'd say "I was with you during your heart break. I was with you in your car on the worst night of your life. I was with you while you were nervous about starting your mission." Whatever it may be! I know President Monson was 100% right at conference when he said "Whether it is the best of times or worst of times, He is with us! We truly do need Him every hour." I know He loves us and walks with us constantly. And for that, I am grateful :) Love you all!

With faith in every tired footstep,
Sister Olsen

We heard there's a movie coming out about Elders who were kidnapped in Russia. The something approach...? We were at lunch this week and the director of it was there and wanted to take a picture with US!
BOOTCAMP with our ward last week. Seriously could not walk until Thursday

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