Monday, August 11, 2014

I Feel So Pure!

July 14th--

I still feel safe here haha I'll send a picture of our apartment next week! It is NOTHING compared to the valley and it actually feels quite like home. The sketchiest place up here is called "Jake's Way". It's like West Valley on steroids. But after the valley, I feel like I could go have a picnic there at midnight! haha we're good!!  This week was crazy! A few happenings or things I learned:
1. LINDSAY GOT BAPTIZED! It was beautiful beyond words. So happy and proud of her! 
2. We spent the night until 3 am with some Sisters in the Emergency Room (so fun!)
3. I get pretty loopy at nights when I don't feel good and turn into a fountain of sputterings.
4. Constantly grateful for the priesthood. It's SUCH a power! It blows my mind everytime I get a blessing and they talk about things there's no way they could have known about me.
5. Always remember to tell your investigator to bring a towel to their baptism...or you may have to borrow one the Elders have in their car! (Lindsay was a trooper! And he's a very clean Elder to be fair but definitely want to avoid that again)
6. Don't let Sister Johnson take cinnamon rolls out of the oven...she'll drop them ;)
7. 1 Nephi 3:7 continues to be my favorite scripture when we're asked to do hard things
8. I still don't teach very simply... I was trying to explain prophets to our Bishops little girl and it turned into "So daddy is President Monson?!" Super cute and nobody could stop laughing.
9. Some people change.
10. The atonement is amazing! It constantly amazes me and I love nothing more than seeing when somebody is in great need of it, is able to access it and the lasting influence it leaves on them. I LOVE IT! It's a true power.

Sorry short again this week! It was amazing. Hard to even explain all I learned but I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful for Linds and her faith in entering baptism. I LOVE BEING OUT HERE! There's a chance I'm never coming home ;) LOVE YOU ALL WHOLE HEAPS!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

Quotes of the week:
"The CIA can't find them. The FBI can't find them. The government can't find them...but those Mormon missionaries....THEY'LL find them!"
"She burned a Book of Mormon once. But she's learning she shouldn't burn it, she should READ it!"

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