Sunday, October 19, 2014

But there were......lessons learned!!

September 15th--

So the top three things I have learned this week:
1- Modest is indeed hottest. Like, really. Three layers of clothes from shoulders to shins and biking in 108 degree weather makes you sweat. Profusely. One man answered the door and we knew we looked rough but his first response was: "Wow! You are drenched!" Turns out we looked a little worse than we realized ;)
2- I NEVER STOP EATING! I ate a lot before but since switching to bike, I feel like I constantly have some kind of food in my hand! Sister Ivory was laughing at me the other day because we were on our way to dinner, but I had two pieces of pizza in my hand to eat on our way. Seriously. Not to be dramatic...but biking makes me feel like I'm starving.
3- I can not only do "no hands" on my bike sometimes but even get in two or three pedals with it too! Yep..feeling quite accomplished on that!

This week Elder Carlson from the seventy visited our mission. It was such a great day! It went by way too fast. He talked to us a lot about being a consecrated missionary and how nothing about our missions is about us until you go home and then realize EVERYTHING in your mission was really about teaching you.

I learned a lot from him! It was interesting to see the Lord once again know what I needed and where I was at. I had a couple of questions going into it and it was one right after another that got answered.

One thing he talked about was how the scriptures have power to change our lives! I LOVE THAT! And it is so true! I have seen this time and time again as I have actually started to read from the Book of Mormon. I'm working on the Bible but let's be honest...I don't really like! I don't hate it. But I don't know it so I don't really like it. But the Book of Mormon has changed my life SO much. I am so grateful for that! I know that the changes I've made and the desires I have for the future, have really come because of the time I have spent in there. I love those people! I love all that they were willing to go through for the Lord and in bringing forth the Book of Mormon for us now. I love having those men to look up to as examples and guidance for my life. Cause if they can do those IMPOSSIBLE things, then the hard things asked of me are absolutely doable!

I'm glad this week was good! Keep us in your prayers and be mindful of those people the Lord has placed in your life. Cause I promise they are there for a  reason! LOVE YOU WHOLE HEAPS!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen ...and Marcum and Ruby! (SO COOL!)

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