Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Labor YEAR

 September 2nd--
Hey hey hey! This week has taken one interesting turn after another haha where to begin?!

"I'll answer dear Lord with my hand in thine....I'll go where you want me to go!" I have been reminding myself of this for the last 26 hours now. President Hall called me yesterday and....we talked through an emergency transfer for some Sisters we've been working with. So tomorrow night I'll be packed up and heading out to a new area. And after almost 10 months I'll be released as a Sister Training Leader. We were at a members when he called so we quickly left and I let my heartbreak on the walk to the car. It is gonna be really really hard to leave this ward! I feel like family here and I have LOVED every single day! I got a blessing last night and one part of it said "You are blessed to enjoy every single moment of your next area." So who can turn down that promise right?! As much as I wish I still had at least the next three weeks here, I know the Lord is mindful of me and that all of this really is for the best. IRONICALLY ENOUGH we have a "Boot Barn" in our area and our member lives right by it! I turned to Sister Wensel, crying but laughing, and said I just need to go sit in Boot Barn for a minute and wear some boots. ;) They heal everything. So we did!

Hitting a year this week was CRAZY! Can you believe how fast it's gone?!?! Cause I can't. I have been blessed to not only feel the atonement in my life, but get to watch it go into effect for other peoples lives. I have seen just a glimmer of how much Heavenly Father loves us. I have seen prayers answered; sometimes years later and sometimes as the prayer is being said, but I know they are always answered. I have learned what it means to ME to be a daughter of God. And I have actually started to believe it. I have seen the importance of forgiveness both in giving and recieving. But especially in giving. I have experienced that the priesthood is not a man. And I have been happier than any other time in my life! 

I'm grateful for this change of plans in my life now. One thing I wanted to work on this year was accepting the Lords will. Note to self: when you make goals like that, the Lord gives you OPPORTUNITIES to work on them! Next time I'll set a goal to learn how to walk into an inheritance... But really though, I love in Alma 14:13 the way Alma demonstrates this when Amulek asks him if they're gonna die too "Be it according to the will of the Lord..."HE DOESN'T EVEN HESITATE! I love that.

Thanks for your emails and thinking of me this week :) It sounds crazy but there are certainly days on a mission where you literally feel the prayers a little stronger and see the power of them. So thank you! I need them all ;) LOVE YOU WHOLE HEAPS!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

And I'm emailing late because today was also a temple trip day for Sister Wensels and Sister Ivorys' birthdays :)

"It was Labor day weekend, not quite 17...but we bought some cokes and some gasoline!" ;) About as "celebratory" as we got yesterday!
hahaha awkward family photos at Dumayas' with Lindsay. She was defintiely the hardest to say bye too

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