Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let's Go Bikin' Now....

 September 8th--

Hello from SAUGUS! This week went by so fast that it's weird today is already Monday again. I have officially survived my first four days in biking without getting hit by a car so that's a plus! It's gonna be good :) 

Funny story of the week: I fully acknowledge that you probably won't understand the hilariousness of this without knowing the area I am talking about! So after an incredibly crazy week, we were in a mood on Saturday night where alllll we wanted was pizza! We had this add for Little Cesears new "Pretzel Pizza" sitting on our table this week and that suddenly became all we wanted. We knew it was a few miles away but thought we were up for the walk so we text our district leader, he said it was fine so we started walking. We left around 7:20 and thought for sure we'd be there and back by like 8:30. Long story short: we severally underestimated the distance! We walked and walked and walked. And walked. And walked. For an hour and ten minutes to be exact!

We finally got the Little Cesears and we couldn't stop laughing! Then we got a tiny bit panicked because it was 8:30 and since we'd walked downhill, we imagined probably taking more time to get home and we need to be in by 9. We also had gotten crazy sun burned that day so I'm sure we looked pretty hammered. Almost like we'd walked ALL day to get this pizza! We started calling all the Sisters to have somebody come pick us up. We hadn't heard back from anybody so we started walking back, with our box of pizza, and prayed somebody would call us back. Still couldn't stop laughing!

YSA Sisters finally called us back and came to rescue us. We were sweaty and sun burned and exhausted that our pizza didn't even sound that great anymore. We took it home and Sister Ivory started laughing and said "I'm gonna eat another piece. Merely because I just walked AN HOUR TO GET THIS!" It was pretty fun.

I am already seeing my blessing be fulfilled. I truly have loved every moment of my area this weekend! I love Sister Ivory! We had the advantage to be friends before we were companions and it's been going really well. I love Saugus 2nd ward! It's a lot quieter than Mint Canyon haha But it's great! I know without a doubt that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And that feels pretty good. Hope yall have another great week this week! LOVE YOU WHOLE HEAPS!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

​At our ward mission leaders house last night :)
Being rescued hahahaha
​After my last MLC. SISTER HACKER! Love her. We're going to the Houston Rodeo post-mission

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