Sunday, October 19, 2014

Meet the MORMONS!!

September 29th--
This week we got to do something kinda uncommon and go to the Valencia stake center to watch the churchs' new movie "Meet the Mormons." It was actually really good!! Salt Lake approved all the missionaries to watch it so that we'll be able to talk to the members of what it's about and answer any questions on the street we may get about it. We watched it with our whole mission which is also pretty uncommon so that was fun! It made me excited to be a missionary on the last clip with the "Missionary Mom" to be able to help make a difference in other peoples lives! GO WATCH IT!

I forgot to mention....our mission got approved for "mobile devices" as early as next month! We will have access and permission to do Facebook. Right now the church is trying to decide if we should do it with iPhone 6 or iPads...which is what will factor into the time of when we get them. Pretty crazy huh?

Kinda cool....I was able to make a connection to Tanner Man! There is a woman named Zoila we are working with who is from CHICLAYO, PERU! It was so so cool! She made us delicious Peruvian food and then told me about growing up there. And she gave me her dads information for Tanner to go by and visit him! That was definitely a fun point! This is her....

Pretty Little Liars Anyone???

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