Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's the Final Countdown......

Feb 23rd.......
I feel like I am in SUCH a weird place! I am starting to face a lot of my "lasts"...last fast Sunday, last district meeting, last temple trip, last zone training meeting etc. IT'S WEIRD! And some of our members have started pointing out how some of my dinners are my lasts with them. I am not looking forward to telling people goodbye.

SO much happened this week! Here's a quick hit of highlights:
1- We helped a family move. I had the WONDERFUL surprise of blazing in the front door and stopping dead in my tracks when I looked over to see TWO snakes in a cage in the front room! "Freak out" doesn't begin to explain my reaction! They got a kick out of it and I've gotten crap from the Elders all weekend for it. WHO HAS SNAKES?!?! They are predators...NOT pets! As we were leaving I told the family I thought they were all lovely people, but I hated their snakes with a passion. They just laughed and laughed.
2- We got to go back down to my valley Saturday night!!! I can't even explain all of hte memories and people that came to mind getting off the Rinaldi exit! I love it down there so much. We got to go because Granada HIlls had stake conference and the visiting general authority was Sister Aholellei's old stake president! So President Hall text us and told us to run down :) It was a HUGE blessing from Heavenly Father for both of us because I was able to see some ward members...but especially Rebeca and Holly!!! I love them so much. So many people down there still have such a huge place in my heart.
3-We hiked to the S behind Saugus High School that I've been wanting to do the whole seven months I've been in this ward.
4- I got laid out for 2 days with a crazy sinus infection. But IT RAINED yesterday! A miracle in and of itself out here but I finally got feeling and function back to my face by this morning because it cleared the air ;)
5- We got to take a recent convert to the LA Visitors center for the first time. The whole time we were there she just kept saying how grateful she was we brought her and she doesn't know why she waited so long to go :) The Spirit was crazy strong and it was fun to see it working on her!

We followed a prompting to go visit a woman who we haven't seen for a while. I am so grateful we did! She talked about how she'd been thinking about us and she felt more open to different questions she has about religion right now. She asked us to come back and do service for her on Saurday and she's coming to dinner with us to a members. It was amazing! It was a good reminder how Heavenly Father truly is preparing people in our paths alllll the time! It's just out choice to follow the promptings He gives us to reach out to them!

Glad you all had a great week. I pray for you and miss you! Sorry it's fast again today, we're going to play baseball since the rain cleared up! LOVE YOU WHOLE HEAPS!

With faith in every soggy footstep,
Sister Olsen

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