Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How Firm A Foundation

 February 9th--
OH MY GOSH BUBBS IS ENGAGED?!?!! Yayyyyyy! Not gonna lie..I've been waiting for that email for awhile :) Although I still let out a little yell at the library :) How exciting! I'm glad it held out until I would be home.

This week we got to go to the temple :) Oh how I love it there! I love the peace of the temple in general, but I think the LA temple especially has an interesting contrast to it. Talk about leaving the world behind... We had the usual traffic, lots of homeless people, city full of smog and even some helicopters going! It was SO nice to be able to walk inside and leave all of that behind! I don't think I really appreciated the peace of the temple until recently and being able to feel that strong difference that the world has to offer, and what the Lord has to offer.

We have been teaching somebody making huge amounts of progress! I know I say this everytime but that is the BEST part about being a missionary! It's amazing to get to see somebody's life change...seeing them become happier and believing the things we're teaching them.

On a funny note... We do service once a week in the place called Towsley Canyon. We help them do trail maintenance for hiking. As we work on them, people usually walk through us some. It's funny to see how some LA people "hike"... The other day there was a little boy probably the age of Jax that came through. He was in all his designer clothes, little sunglasses...SUPER CUTE! But clearly not having a good time. As he went past us he turned to his mom really upset and said "Mom! This is DIRTY DIRT! I hate dirty dirt." I started laughing pretty hard! I just thought in my head oooooh you cute little city boy! It was precioius :)

Things are good here! We've been up in the high 80s/low 90s most of the week except for a little rain on Saturday. That's crazy winter has been so warm up there! I hope and pray the snow doesn't hit in March. Thanks for all of your love and support and prayers. It means a lot and I definintley feel them. This week did have it's difficult elements but it was really powerful to see the Lords' hand in my life. A couple of days, I felt a little out of control and not as happy as I wanted to be. I put extra effort into The Book of Mormon and I started to feel that peace I desperately needed. I know that book has power in it! I feel it every time I read! I know when we take the time to give the Lord time, He blesses us and helps us and heals us in a way nothing else can.

Love you all whole heaps! And I'll be seeing you a month from Wednesday...can you even believe it?!?! LOVE YOU!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

​Giving Warheads to primary kids=GREAT IDEA! hahaha they handled it better than the Elder did!

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