Friday, November 1, 2013

And There Was Much Rejoicing.....October 28th

Welp we did it! We made it to Sunday :) This week has been INCREDIBLE! A lot harder than I thought it would be and I think I'm more tired today than I have been my whole mission, but it has been really really good!

Humpherys..Hoffmann...HACKER! My new companion is Sister Hacker from Houston Texas and I just love her! When the new missionaries came walking into transfer meeting, I saw her and just had this feeling it was going to be her! I told Sister Scrivner next to me "I bet it's the one in the white!" And it was! She told me the next day that Sister Hall said in the new missionary meeting "There's one Sister in there who has only been here six weeks herself!" And Sister Hacker thought "I bet I'm with her" so it was pretty funny that we both anticipated it coming.

Before transfer meeting, there's a meeting on one side of the building for the trainers and the other side of the building has the new missionaries. When we got into the trainer meeting Sister Hall started with us and she said "Ahh! Sister Olsen is our only 6 week trainer this time. Welcome!" She gave a short training about being the cheerleader for our new companions. She said this is one of the quietest group of new missionaries they've ever seen. I don't remember the rest of what she said honestly cause I was sitting there pretty panicked again like "There is no way I can already be training somebody else." But the more she kept talking, I finally came back to my point of peace with it.

Then President Hall came in. He looked at me and just smiled. I was waiting for him to say "Ohh! We made a mistake! Sister Olsen you aren't supposed to be in here!" Especially since this go around I was the only 6 week-er. And that would have been fine with me! He didn't though. He was with us for about an hour and it was REALLY helpful! The closer it got to 10:30 the harder it got to pay attention though cause it was almost time to go into the chapel which was obviously the "moment we'd all been waiting for." He stood at the door and shook all of our hands before he went to meet up with Sister Hall to walk the new missionaries again. I made sure to make eye contact with him, still waiting for him to realize "Oh you aren't supposed to be here." And again, he didn't.

We got into the chapel and the assistants stood up reminding us we were in the chapel and to remain reverent, we'll be starting soon. They go and stand at the doors into the chapel where they can see down the hallway. When President and Sister Hall were almost to the doors (leading the new missionaries) they motioned to the chorister and the organist and of course "CALLED TO SERVE" started up! It was like conference! Everybody instantly jumped up and started singing. I still get chills every time we sing that out here!! And being on the "singing" end this time instead of the "receiving" was pretty powerful as well, in different ways! It was amazing! They had about 20 new ones so this time they were all in by the end of the first verse and everybody was standing together to sing the last of it. I was laughing though because they all looked TERRIFIED! All except for one Elder. He came in totally deer in the headlights look but just grinning! It was hilarious! Sister Scrivner leaned over and said "You laugh but that was you in your group!"

When he finally got to our zone, I STILL was waiting for President Hall to say "Oh we made a mistake! Sister Olsen you aren't supposed to be here."....Aaaand he didn't. Sister Hacker turned around, I waved at her and when we were moving seats to sit by our new companions, it made me think about a mission call in general.

God knows where we're supposed to be in life. He knows what we need and He's not just gonna call us to California and then peace out on us after that! I was pretty scared to be training but the Lord has helped me these last few days more than I can even express!!! As a missionary for myself but also as a companion and most importantly, in trying to help Sister Hacker the best I can to make these first weeks a good experience for her. God is gooooood!

When we left the church, the first thing we did was go to this place called Todd Longshore Park. (It's the best lookout point I have found so far.) President Hall told us at OUR one week follow up, when he got set apart the quorum of the twelve member who did it told them to find places where they can see the people they have stewardship over and it will change their perspective of missionary work. So I felt like that was a good place to start with her.

We sat up there and talked for quite a while. You better believe we talked about EXACT obedience! ;) We set a bunch of goals for ending the year and talked about what kind of missionaries and what kind of companionship we want to be.

I am so so so so grateful for so many things today! I never understood why people say missions are so sacred and personal until now. I have seen the Spirit guide us incredibly this last week. In many many small ways, aaaand...we set our first baptismal date!!!!! :) :) :) Saturday afternoon with a guy named Justin Roddy. From feeling like we needed to go and see him, to stalking him on the street (hahah long story) while we waited for him to get off the phone, to actually setting the date, the Spirit was driving us the whole way. We weren't even going to be in his town that day.

I love Sister Hacker! I'm so glad and grateful that she's ready to work hard too! And that she's trying and willing to learn everything that she can. I'm grateful we get a long and don't have obedience problems. Things are goooood here in Santa Clarita! I know God is in control. Sometimes I forget for a minute and think this is actually The Church of Sister Olsen of Latter-Day Saints but he very lovingly and kindly punches me in the face to remind me it's The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. He's gotten me this far and He hasn't forgot me yet. Hallelujah!!

I LOVE being able to drive again! AHHH! Words can't even express. And I know people are praying for us before we haven't gotten lost even once yet :) :) So I appreciate the prayers immensely! I feel the impact of them daily in many ways. I'm SUPER grateful for everybody's love and support! It makes a world of difference for sure. Keeeep praying for us cause there's still a long way to go haha

Love you all!
With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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