Friday, November 1, 2013

October 28th--Photos

Back in the driver seat :) :) :)  

Celebratory drinks after meeting with Justin :)
One of our members, Kyle Risser, is awesome! He loves to have us over for dinner. His mom had to work yesterday so Kyle and his dad invited their grandma over so we could still come. I LOVE HER! Oh my gosh I want to be her. She's hilarious and talked me into having a Mt. Dew with her hahaha She went sky diving 3 years ago for her 80th birthday!!!
It's still about 95 degrees here and clouds are incredibly rare so this was another reason for much rejoicing this week! haha And a tiny bit of our apartment.
Todd Longshore Park with Sister Hacker :) Don't mind my face...the lady kept talking to us while she was taking the picture
Elder Pisa and Elder Ah Chee (in the green) are from Samoa! Elder Ah Chee went home this last transfer. Elder Schick (purple) and Elder Dunn are our zone leaders. These four are awesome! Elder Dunn goes home in about 3 transfers.
This little kids were killing me at dinner the other night! Our high councilor has us over for dinner but they were watching their grandkids that night too. Same ages as Jax and Kez even.

PROVO GIRLS! Becky Dayton and Jessica Li are in my ward but they both went to Provo High! Becky was actually born at CASTLEVIEW! Crazy

hahaha awful picture cause I was totally creeping but this cat was Coda to a T!!!

Handing over the car keys :)

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