Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One Year Older & Wiser Too-Nov 4th

HAPPPPPY NOVEMBER! I hope everyone had a great and SAFE Halloween! There were three people who died out here :( It's crazy! Holy cow I still feel like I was just in Hawaii on New Years! I can not believe how fast this year is going by!!! This week has been fabulous! I felt incredibly loved!

Sister Hacker is the best! I woke up to our house fully decorated, sweet rolls and bacon cooking, and Mt. Dew and lifesavers on my desk :) Companion of the year award right there! I felt almost overwhelmed with all the emails and mail I got that day. Thank you thank you thank you!!! It seriously made my whole month! It was a different birthday than usual, but still a great one!

We had my 6 weeks follow up and Sister Hackers' one week follow up all this week. Kinda funny going to those so close together! However, I ended up getting out of the one week follow up. Sister Abbott and Sister Young are in our zone and on bikes. Sister Abbott has been sick almost as long as I've been here. We had been at one week for about an hour when she text and asked if I could take her to the hospital. Sister Camargo and I talked to President, left our new companions with each other and took off. They ended up doing blood work and a CT so we were there from 10-3, grabbed lunch at Jack in the Box and made it back at 4 for the last hour of follow up. A pretty great birthday actually :) :) It was almost relaxing to be back in the hospital environment!!!

We have NO time today but I'll send a bunch of pictures from this week! I LOVE being here! And I love getting to work with Sister Hacker :) God is goooood! I read my blessing this week from when I got set apart and it's crazy how much I needed that even in these short 8 weeks.

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

Brother Potter is the high council member over the YSA ward. He's the best! He had us over for dinner on my birthday! They had the table all decorated, made us HUGE Hawaiian hamburgers and chocolate cakes and milkshakes.AND cake to take home! I was well taken care of to say the least!

Sister Hacker had our house all decked out :)

Okay dad, you're right! Bobbing for apples is DISGUSTING! But I'm pretty pumped I can finally say I have tried it! Alex and I went first and then watching everyone else after made me gag....

HERMANA FRANCIS! I love her! We came out together but she came from Mexico MTC and we spent the first two days together. She is so cute and hilarious! She's been frustrated her Spanish isn't very good so she keeps telling her members "Yo necessity ayudar."

 I was...a missionary for Halloween! I'm sure you're shocked haha Lindsey Orton sent me cute missionary socks I wore that night though while we were planning haha

District meetings=Blazers day! Sister Hacker, Sister Abbott and me

The ORIGINAL District! Our Sultry Six! Definitely still missing Sister Humpherys! And pardon Elder Bowman in the back...

Companionship unity! HAPPPPY HALLOWEEN! Carving pumpkins with the zone

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