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Another One Bites The Dust-Nov 18th

This week was somethin' different! Being sick at home sucks but being sick on a mission... BOOO! No worries though :) My fever finally broke Sunday. My lips were BRIGHT red, cracked and had heat blisters so not many pictures from this week... After multiple trips to the store, a few nights early to bed, and almost all day Saturday in bed I am finally back to a functional state today! HALLELUJAH! Sister Hacker is a trooper cause I would have gone nuts having to stick to the house that much. Things are good and we have SO SO much to be grateful for!

Remember our guy Justin Roddy who set a baptismal date?! TOTAL MIRACLE! Yeah...that fell through :( Word to the wise: don't get in trouble with the law. He's on probation and so it got put on hold while his court case was still pending. He was crying the last time he called and talked to us. He told us about being on house arrest and only immediate family could have contact with him. That was right before Halloween....

Thursday we were at somebody else's house and I had the feeling we needed to try and go see Justin. Not the best thought because his mom REALLY doesn't like us! It's weird... Don't get me wrong, I've been hated before! haha But at least by people I knew. As a missionary it's kinda funny to have people instantly so against us before we even have ANY kind of conversation with them.

SO long story short, we go to Justins. We pull up to his complex and the very first person we see....MAMA MICHELLE! She's sitting with her back to us, watching a younger daughter on the play ground. I start laughing and we start game planning what to do. Go talk to her? Book it over to his house? Leave all together? We move the car to the other side so we are now facing her. As we walk up, she totalllllly notices us and pretends to be on her phone all of a sudden. Our plan was to try and talk to her since she doesn't seem to like us... But with that we kept walking. We walk out of sight and go to game plan again. We decided we tried to do the right thing by approaching her but since she blew us off, let's book it to Justin's and try to talk to him while we know she's not there.

We didn't want Michelle to see us heading that way though and from where she was sitting you have a straight shot to the sidewalk going up to the door. So we went stealth mode :) We ran around the outside of all six buildings, went through the bushes and went along the back of his building to get to his front door. His dad answered, told us Justin no longer lives there and slammed the door. WHAT THE FREAK RIGHT?! So at this point we wanted to find out where he lives and have nothing else to back to Mama we went :) (Still going the route we took to get to the door so she wouldn't see us leaving...)

Like I said, Sister Hacker is a trooper!! Right as we were walking up, I told her we weren't leaving until we found out some idea of where he went. We walked up to this VERY large, hostile, black woman who has made it clear multiple times that she and played dumb.

"Hi! You're Michelle right?!"-Me
Sister Hacker looked at me a little bit alarmed but I still just felt like we needed to try and talk to her so I shook my head like 'no we're staying!" and luckily she caught it. We stood there smiling in silence for a good minute before she turned back around to us. Talk about a prayer in your heart!!! I just kept thinking please don't start swinging at us... SHE ENDED UP TALKING TO US FOR A GOOD 15 MINUTES! It was good. She actually shook our hands when we finally left. Still hostile and I'm sure she was upset to get home and find out we had already snuck over there...BUT she shook our hands :) God bless Sister Hacker for having me as a companion but she always backs me in our promptings! :)

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! We are VERY well taken care of even with being over the YSA Ward! We had one girl sign up for dinner and our Bishop, one of his councilors and another guy in the ward have all offered to have us over. We are soo blessed :) Our ward really is amazing. I'm sure it'll be a little different with being away from home but I realized doing dishes yesterday that I've already been in this boat before :) :) And no matter what happens out here it will DEFINEINTLY be a better Thanksgiving than the one I had in China! I'm confident not one of these people will try to feed us duck or dog...

Funny thought of the week: We shared Ether 12:27 and this guy asked if God really can make weak things become strengths. We talked about it but then on the way home I started cracking up! Remember that time when I was little and tried to spend the weekend in Brigham City?! Keyword: tried hahaha I have been super blessed to be focused on the work and life in California. I miss people but not "actively" like I thought I would. God has taken care of me in countless ways and I know he knows what I need while I'm out here and always. Endless blessings and tender mercies have come my way :)

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

Hello, Hello-Just getting online if anybody is on for a minute ;)

What's Up? What are you guys up to??
This is Bryant! HE IS HILARIOUS! Little bit off but funniest guy. He's a convert. He came to one of our zone activities once and said we were "such an organization." Since he's the only black guy he said he gets to be president of the organization. And I was deemed first lady. Lucky me! He told me he has a "Christmas husband" for me that he will wrap up

Hiking "Vasquez Rocks" last week with Carissa, Jennifer and Bobbye Jo

We learned how to "properly" juice pomegranates! So fun! Aaaand check our candy stash! We actually gave it away the next day.


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