Friday, November 29, 2013

Cloud 27-November 25th

 Tanner told me my emails are too long and that's probably a good point ;) haha good thing I just type fast! Today though we don't have much time because we are playing sand volleyball and still need to go shopping so I'll REALLY try to keep it short. I have thought so much this last week about the gospel and what's it done for me in life.

Obviously this week there are overwhelming thoughts of gratitude! At dinner last night, it came up that I am 24 and the guys' dad asked "So what's your story? Why now?" When we got home last night I thought about it a lot. It still is so crazy to think back over the last 2 1/2 years. I am so grateful to be on my mission NOW and for everything I had to learn in those 2 years from when I first got called. I can not imagine doing it before learning so much more about the Atonement, peace and haha

But you've heard me talk about that enough before I even left! This week, it's been all about my people. It's been super overwhelming how much love and support I've gotten. Alllllll the tears and venting and frustrated rants and the blessings and the encouragement... I can't thank you enough for it! I know I never would have really made it out here without such supportive family and friends :)

I have to apologize because when Tanner Perry was out, Jess and I gave him so much crap for all of his exclamation points in his letters!!!!! haha Now though, I totally feel like that all the time. Even the very worst days out here are still so great. I love being a missionary and am so grateful I get the privilege to do so. This is easily the happiest I have ever been, but before this it would have been the "cloud 9" kick. We were driving home one night and I was wired so I told Sister Hacker this is like cloud 27! It really is the greatest. So my bad Tan ;) and my apologies haha

This week was AMAZING! Way too much to even write but my favorite thing was a baptism on Saturday in Mint Canyon.

My buddy Elder Barnett had his first one!!!
 I was so proud of him!!! It's been so amazing to watch him change so much already from his first day in the MTC, to giving his first blessing and now doing a baptism. I can't wait for his family to talk to him! His lisp is almost totally gone and he reads all the time in District Meeting now.

Transfer calls are this Saturday when we find out if we stay or go. Ahhhh! This time I am praying like crazy that we both stay! Sister Hacker is like a combination of Penny and Michelle Jaynes haha it's so great! We have made soooo much progress in the ward in these six weeks and are working with 4 solid investigators we're hopeful to set at least one baptismal date this week. So I'm really hoping we both stay put but I know the Lord knows best.

Love you all more than you know! I hope this week goes GREAT and everyone has a great Thanksgiving! CRAZZZZZY that one month from today we'll be skyping. Kiss those babies for me! Until next week...

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen
"Fred" was left at our home by the Castaic Elders. We tied him to a streamer and left him tied to their front door. PS...I AM FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO FRENCH BRAID MY OWN HAIR :) Which is great since I have neither time nor desire to do it every day.
Our view by the time we finally left church yesterday

Zone Activity...welcome to our lives with the Elders

AND it rained this week! There was much rejoicing in the land!! Only like 1/4th an inch which is like a flood here it's so dry! We were cracking up in this picture cause my hair is actually stuck in the umbrella but it was on timer so it had to wait

We went to San Fernando this week for a YSA meeting with the other YSA Sisters and we found this road!!! SO COOL! PS...Have I mentioned how much I love driving out here?! We found our first 25 mph zone this week. Everywhere is like 45 or 50 and it's glorious. And when you put your blinker on, people let you over!!! It's crazy.

Okay I didn't know why the other Sisters were laughing so hard until I actually looked at this picture. Little sketch...Don't let that pretty sky fool you! It was freezing this week! Dropped clear down to 67 ;)

Identity thief....

We went to FHE like this and we were laughing cause mine was "pink and Unicorns and UTAH" and Sister Hacker was all "Dark and radical and black" haha

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