Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nov 12th.....They Call Me Sista

Another week gone...holy crazy!

Really quick today! We missed emailing yesterday and I don't feel good today so short and sweet for sure but know that overall, things here in California are still golden!

The other day was HILARIOUS! Elder Ford and Elder Nielson have an investigator named Merisha and the Elders have told us multiple times she has clothes she wants to give us! They helped her move boxes in and she has 2 closets full of them. Wellllll, in true male form they severely underestimated and underdescribed the situation. SHE HAS A WRECK! The Elders could only carry boxes up to the door and then see from the doorstep. We get there Wednesday and she has boxes piled FLOOR TO CEILING through her whole apartment. The front door barely opens. The two closests full of clothes are the least of concerns here.... For two hours we worked (cause the Elders can't actually come IN the house in their defense. She's an older lady from Poland who lives alone and they teach her at members homes.) and only made it through 3 boxes. It. Is. Nuts.

They were teaching her that day so they showed up a little before four so she could follow them to the house they'd planned. Sister Hacker and I were cracking up like "uhh Elders you left out a few details!" They thanked us over and over for going over there because apparently Mint Canyon Ward won't help people move... ??? Weird. I swear that's HALF of what the wards do... And like I said, the Elders can't go in. We were all walking out to the cars together, carrying stuff to get rid of, and one of the Elders said "These Sisters are pretty great aren't they Merisha?" She responds "Yes! I just love them! And I don't know if you've noticed how pretty they are! Aren't they lovely?"  Instantly awkward. We started laughing and were already trying to get ahead of them. Merisha then realllly buries us... "They have great legs! Have you really looked at their legs?" I was laughing too hard to hear how they talked their way out of that one. Cheers to being an awkward awkward missionary that I have become!

We dropped an investigator this week. It was so rough! We've been working with a LOT and she's set two baptismal dates in the past but she just isn't progressing. For weeks now she hasn't been reading her scriptures or coming to church. We had the WORST lesson this week. It's like the Spirit wasn't just killed, it was shot point blank in the face. So. Bad. So we decided we needed to really evaluate where it was heading and if our efforts were enough.

She's told us before when she prays about baptism that she feels like God tells her right now. I really struggled with that. I kept thinking well you aren't really praying about it! Or you are and He's actually saying YES and you're scared of that so then you tell us that he said no. Or maybe she isn't praying the RIGHT way or praying hard enough. Lots of frustrations were there because in my mind, being baptized is a good thing and there is just NO WAY that God would tell somebody not to be baptized! I've struggled with that for awhile and it wasn't until we were actually meeting with her and in the middle of explaining why we were "dropping" her that the Lord humbled me and humbled me good!!!

As much as I try sometimes, this really isn't the Church of Chantel Olsen of Latter-Day Saints. It's the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. The Spirit in that lesson was one of the strongests it's ever been for me while on my mission. I had complete and total peace that we were doing the right thing. I thought about when I did mission papers the first time. Yeah, it was a good thing. But I had a lot that I still needed to learn and experience before I would have been even remotely ready for this. And God knew that. God knew a mission, like baptism, is a good thing but only if we're serious and if we're ready.And that's exactly what's going on for Jennifer. I know she's gonna get baptized. I feel it! But it's not up to Sister Olsen for when. I just have to do everything I can on my part, follow the Spirit and then turn it back over to the Lord.

And boy am I grateful it's not up to Chantel Olsen. That's a scary thought... I am so incredibly grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows not only what we need, but WHEN we need it! I love that He sees the whole picture. It's hard and frustrating sometimes but I know that when we stay close to the Lord, play by the rules, and do things according to HIS will, that that is when we are gonna be the happiest in life. That's when things work out for the best :)

I seriously love being a missionary :) I am so glad I get to be a part of these peoples lives and see the little miracles on a day to day basis. It's been incredible to get the tiniest little glimpse of how God feels for us, and His love for alllll His children. And I know that God is with us for every step of the way, whether at home or on missions. LOVE YOU ALL! Until next week...

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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