Monday, May 19, 2014


May 12th.....

This week was so good! Things went by crazy fast though. IT WAS SO FUN GETTING TO SKYPE AND SEE EVERYBODY! Even if the babies were grouchy ;) And just to mention again...remember how I won the cleanest car award?!?!?! AND the punctuality award?!?! Yep my zone will be hearing about that the rest of my mission. And you probably will too...

Friday we were having lunch and we got a text saying to check our emails from President Hall about a special video on mothers the church put out. Go to and see it. It's really good!

It got me thinking last night though what were my moments for "It was mom":
- She taught me to "Go up big!" in basketball and volleyball...and then the rest of life
-Taught me how to read and love books! She made countless trips to the Bookmobile for us
-She may not be a fan of my concert obsession but she's the one who taught me how to love music
- Always had breakfast ready for me! Even when I had 6am practices or truancy school
-Taught me how to have school pride... (BYU Yuppie town!)
-I never remember her being self conscious or uncomfortable about how she looked. She taught me to love myself
-Showed me by example the importance of scripture study even when I wasn't interested.

Mom has always supported me ENDLESSLY in any activity or adventure I came up with: piano lessons, YW projects, short kick with band and "acting", soccer, basketball, volleyball, basketball and club volleyball at the same time (MADNESS), student government, NY HI and DC, moving to St. George, moving to China, doing mission papers...twice! People would hear about things I was doing and ask "What does your mom say about this?" which I thought was weird because she never did anything but support me. It was always just "What's the plan?" or "How can I help?"

Hope that things are wonderful :) Have a great week. LOVE YOU ALL!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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