Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Short On Time

April 14th-


Things this week were great! Went by really fast. Sorry not much time to write today!

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I overcame my greatest fear by leading at the baptism? Welp that was a lie! Friday afternoon we got a call from one of our Sisters saying "The Assistants just called to ask if I can sing at mission conference tomorrow! Will you play the piano for me?!" Mission conference was with alllll the missionaries: Spanish, Korean, ASL and English....And Elder Richards from the seventy! Playing the piano for a musical number with that many people quickly became my greatest fear!! We shot over to the church and ran through it a couple of times but it was a song I've never played before and we had a lesson coming up so we didn't have much more time to practice. So luckily I talked one of the Elders into doing it :) :) I was relieved but definitely a call to repentance to get better at it a little bit.

Elder Richards visit was awesome! Definitely motivating to change and improve a lot as a missionary but especially to be better as a Sister Training Leader. We started the conference by all of us meeting him; one row at a time going up and shaking his hand. Pretty cool! Then after the whole mission conference we went into the relief society room and had a special Mission Leadership Council Meeting with him too. That's where it really got instilled in me to step it up and do more as a leader. Nothing like having a general authority tell you to do better to light the fire under ya... It was a long weekend to say the least but it was great!

This week I was reminded again just how powerful forgiveness is. Not only to ask for it for youself but to truly forgive the people in your life who have hurt you. It's hard and honestly a part of me hates it still when it's somebody I was close to, but I know we're never able to be truly happy and peaceful until we do! So...challenge for the week is to forgive somebody that you know you need to!

I'm sorry I'm not better about writing back!! Every week I say I will but I never actually do. Sorry! Things here are going great!!!! Thanks for all of the love and support and keeping me updated on your lives; especially when I don't get to write back right away. THANK YOU for the Easter packages! Jax's addition is currently on my desk haha And about the move...I'm not sure who's sadder, me or Taylor ;) Hope you have a great week and a great Easter! We're gonna be at a memebers house for dinner Sunday who just got back from his mission in Africa! It was dangerous enough that the Sisters had to be in at 7pm! Kill me. So just know again that I am still very very safe ;)

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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