Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transfer Day

April 8th-
Ni hao! Okay so yesterday we got to go help with the new missionaries who just came into the mission. Definitely one of the biggest advantages to being a Sister Training Leader :) I went out tracting with Sister Denk from Canada. When we have new missionaries come in, we end up with taking a few hours on Tuesday to do the things we didn't have time to do...this week emailing got bumped!

Transfer meeting just ended and I am pleased to say...I am STILL in Northridge YSA! Which means I will have spent at least the whole first half of my mission in YSA work. I would be fine to stay here the rest of my mission! Talk about being humbled by the Lord because my last words when I left were "ANYWHERE but a YSA ward!" :) Thursday night as we were driving home I had a really spiritual experience and felt like maybe I would indeed be transferred this time. I told Sister Moore I felt at peace with it and understood if that's what the Lord wanted. Saturday in between sessions we had a call from our district leader and as soon as we saw their name come up, I panicked! I thought "Okay Heavenly Father I lied! I do NOT accept thy will!" I wanted to stay desperately so it's a tender mercy that He allowed me to for at least another six weeks.

Last week was glorious when after 117 days of planning, Holly was finally baptized! We watched conference at Bishops' house with Rebecca, Holly and Sophia (Rebeccas's sister who IS STARTING TO INVESTIGATE THE CHURCH!). The last hour of the afternoon session was killing Holly. She got up and was pacing around, kept pulling out her phone... we kept teasing her that she was acting like she had something coming up. Seeing her go down into the water was amazing! She was glowing!!! After being with her at 4 baptisms, watching 2 baptismal videos and seeing her light up everytime...it was nothing compared to being able to see the smile on her face for her own. "I'm a daughter, pianist and a student. And I am a Mormon!"

I LOVED Elder Hollands' talk, as always! The story of the mashed potatoes to the back of the head reminded me of Sister Kemp and I's encounter with "The Flip Flop Cowboy" down in Van Nuys. It hit close to home. I thought it was an interesting point when he talked about "sometimes you will wonder if this is really even worth it."

"Worth it" does not even begin to explain it! Rebecca bore her testimony again last fast Sunday and we were able to be with her last week as she received her patriarchal blessing. The ways that she has changed and the impact the Gospel has had on her life is remarkable. Seeing her baptized was amazing but seeing the true and lasting change it's brought to her is so much better! I know this work truly changes lives and changes them for the better. I know that Heavenly Father truly loves us and wants the best for us even when we don't feel like it's leading that way. I'm thankful beyond belief that He lets us be a part of these miracles and have my life changed for the better as well. I'm thankful everyday I get to wake up and put on that little black piece of plastic, but even more importantly am starting to get little glimpses of what it means to have Christs' name on me.

Glad to hear things are going well back home! We hit 50 degrees this week as well...I put a coat and an extra blanket on ;) I also just BARELY missed my goal for reading the Book of Mormon. I wanted to read it within 3 months and I finished it in three months and ONE day! Today was full of more hellos and goodbyes as Sister Walgren (Who I stayed with my very first night and she took me out my first day) flies home tomorrow! I am not a fan of people I love starting to head home but I'm grateful they came into my life and for the impact each one of them has had on me. LOVE YOU ALL!

With faith in every sure footstep,
Sister Olsen

Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 12:44 (Hollys' favorite scripture!) 

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