Tuesday, May 6, 2014


April 21st-


Judging from Ashs' pictures, it looks like it's starting to get pretty warm over there! NICE! We've hit 100 multiple times this week so with not being allowed to swim or chill it'd be nice if it would level out a little bit at this point but I'm lovin it all the same!

This week, as always, went by really fast. We had exchanges twice this week and one of them I was with Sister Flake. She's legally deaf but has hearing aids and can hear a little bit. IT WAS SO GOOD! It was great getting to know her more and seeing a different perspective on the work. We went to dinner that night with two members from our ward and he took us to Black Angus. Yep...I still come unglued when I hear country music!!! I understand that rule more because I realize that I come completely unglued when I hear that music. It'll be nice to have to go back to though :) My other one I went with Sister Vanhoven. It was our third exchange together and every time we do, I realize more and more how alike we are. We always seem to be able to talk through things she needs so it was a testimony builder for the Lords' timing and will.

Yesterday being Easter, we had dinner with a member and his family. It was so fun! It felt quite a bit like being at home actually; really loud and lots of people. I was thinking during sacrament meeting about the meaning for Easter and what it means to me personally. I know a big part is that we can also be resurrected but I think more of the power of the Atonement.

I love that the Atonement means we have the perfect best friend who understands exactly what we're going through. I know I have found comfort from Him for things I never thought I could make peace with. I know that WHEN we fall on our own, He is always watching and ready to help us up again and to make us better. I know He never turns away from us and leaves us.

Glad everyone had a good week! Looks like it was busy!!! YAYYYY for getting all moved/set! I'm sure Taylor was excited for that process haha Have another great week. LOVE YOU ALL!

With faith in every footstep,
Sister Olsen

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